Speculation of NFC in the next iPhone 5.

It would be a great achievement for Apple, if it becomes a success. Near Field Communication (NFC) is being tested on the Apple’s lab to install it in the next iPhone. Imagine I can then click a photo and transfer it to the near iDevice may be the iPad, iPod and the iTV just standing near to each other.

From inside source it is revealed that Apple is busy hiring technicians, chipsets and hardware for NFC. And most likely it will come with the next iPhone.

This step will go beyond commerce. Apple is thinking of integrating NFC into its Apple TV and MacBook lines to transfer data between devices at high speeds.

You can see Apple’s strategies by implementing the NFC in the iPhone it will force or may convince people to buy an iTV or a MacBook. This is what we should call trade and commerce in real sense.

One thing will lead to the want of another.

So ultimately payments, images, photos can be transferred with a tab of your finger.

All thanks to Apple!

Thanks, MacDailyNews.com

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