Spotify Now Available In The App Store

spotify-logo1This could be a very happy day for many music fans. Spotify has been launched in the App Store and is now available for the iPhone. The very popular music streaming service is also available for phones that utilize Google’s Android Operating System likt the HTC MyTouch and HTC Touch HD 2.

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  1. Early October? Check.
    Drop in Temperature? Check.
    Seconds to download over 3G? Check
    Good sound quality? Check.

    But what is Spotify? Well in a nutshell its an app with the ability to save playlists online for offline playback.
    Spotify is a free download, however if you require the premium all singing all dancing version it’s going to cost you a premium monthly subscription. All very easily done I may add.
    Once you’ve signed in, the app automatically sync’s with your desktop account, and adding a new playlist to Spotify onto my laptop almost instantly added it to my i-Phone list. Very responsive.
    Although I did notice a bit of a lag when streaming songs on my 3G network. However the app also works offline..the only catch..? just need to remember to sync your music before going offline.
    There are three main tabs:
    1. Playlists which add new playlists. You can also add songs while online to be stored onto the i-Phone to play offline.
    2. Search for artists, albums, songs.
    3. More just provides the application version number, go online with and the ability to sign out, to name a few.
    As with most other applications it fits nice and snugly into the i-Phone screen.
    But…and there always is a but.
    Using the application for a few hours I did notice my i-Phone battery did almost get sucked dry. And that’s just with the Spotify application running.
    Overall what I’ve seen so far in using Spotify is that it’s a fun and shiny new app to play around with.
    I just wonder, especially in this day and age, when so many of us are already paying for other monthly, tv, well as watching our budgets, if this app is worth the Premium membership?
    Only time will tell.

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