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Spotify iPad

The wait is over. Finally, the music streaming service Spotify has finally released its iPad app. The current version of Spotify app is version 5.0. The company has just made it universal.


Spotify looks beautiful on the iPad. Retina Display makes the look awhile lot beautiful on the new iPad. The app is also easy to navigate.

It does not require a learning curve if you have ever used Twitter’s iPad app before, as Spotify borrowed heavily from Twitter’s design with navigation buttons on the left, a main window on the right, and other windows which slide over the main window. This is similar to the panels in Twitter for iPad.

Spotify’s search functions are thorough. These functions allow you to search by artist, album, playlist, or track. What’s New section will allow you to quickly discover trending track and playlists. They have also added crossfade and gapless playback features to the app.

This app also is AirPlay-ready. This is a huge positive point for when you are sitting on your couch discovering music as you can quickly beam it to your AirPlay-compatible home stereo system.

When you upsize a currently-playing song, you will be presented with the album up top, the track name and artist, with a timeline below for scrubbing through a song. Below that are the buttons like shuffle, repeat and AirPlay buttons, and under those are nice, big Back, Pause/Play and Forward.

Spotify is a free download and offers a 30-day free trial. After 30 days, users will have to shell out US $9.99 a month for the premium service package to continue using the device.

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Source: TUAW

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