SpotON Radio App For iPhone Released

SpotON Radio

Do you like music? Do you like listening to radio? Well, now we have something for those who like to listen to radio.

Spotify is the über-popular music service that would let you stream a huge library of music to your computer. You can also use the service on your iPhone with a premium subscription. Once subscribtion has been activated, you can either sync and listen to your own music, or you can stream Spotify’s tracks straight to your mobile device wherever you happen to be.

The service has recently opened up an API for app developers, and a new app called SpotON Radio is one of the first taking full advantage of it. Unfortunately, SpotON Radio requires a premium Spotify subscription to work. However, if you have such subscription already, SpotON will let you listen to Internet radio stations, your own Spotify playlists, or any other music Spotify offers. The app uses “music intelligence” from Echo Nest for recommendations.

If you already use the Spotify app on your iPhone, then you may want to integrate Echo Nest for some different music that appeals to your taste. If you are interested and if you have the account to go with the app, SpotON Radio is free to download at launch.

You can find SpotON Radio here.

Source: TUAW

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