Sprint deals Galaxy Tab for $399 with Contract

Sprint has become the first US carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab at a subsidized price, but with a contract of course.

Only a week passed where Verizon has announced that it would have the Samsung Galaxy Tab available for $600 with no contract, and got widely dissed for charging $100 more than the entry-level iPad. Now, Sprint made a different offer, stating it will sell the Galaxy for $400 starting November 14. There are strings attached like a two-year data contract. Sprint’s date rates aren’t cheap, with $30 for 2GB of data, or $60 per month for 5GB and unlimited messaging, higher than Verizon.

I am sure customers are growing tired of being stuck with two-year contracts for devices and even more some can’t wait for one year deal to end. The majority of iPad buyers so far have chosen the Wi-Fi only models, for good reasons. Wi-Fi is becoming available in more places, and carriers are offering more way to access it.

Still no idea whether this magical gadget will ever be available or for how much, but I’m not willing to lock myself in to another two-year contract when the technology is progressing so rapidly.

[Via iPad.net]

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