Step by Step Guide for iPhone 3G Unlock using Ultrasn0w

iphone_unlock_logoThe software unlock solution for iPhone 3G – Ultrasn0w was released several days ago. All iPhone 3G got excited about this release as ultrasn0w. Unlike the previous unlock solution “yellowsn0w”, which can only unlock iPhone 3G with baseband 2.28.00, ultrasn0w can unlock any iPhone 3G with the latest baseband 4.26.08.

That means, for those of you with baseband 2.30.xx, you can now simply upgrade to iPhone 3.0 OS and get it unlock using ultrasn0w.

Ultrasn0w is available for download via Cydia and it’s very straightforward to use. As I received a number of emails about how it should use, however, it’s always good to write a step-by-step guide that benefits everyone.

Note: This unlock guide is for iPhone 3G only. For iPhone 2G unlock, you do not need to use ultrasn0w. You can use PwnageTool (for Mac) or Redsn0w (for Windows) for the unlock.

First, you need to jailbreak the iPhone 3G

Before you can download and use Ultrasn0w, the very first thing you need is to jailbreak your iPhone 3G. For those who do not know about jailbreak, this process ensures you can install Cydia and other 3rd party applications on your iPhone, which is the prerequisite of iPhone 3G unlock.

After you complete the jailbreak, come back here and continue with the unlock.

Okay, let’s unlock iPhone 3G

Once you’ve got the iPhone jailbroken, you can now follow these procedures to unlock the iPhone using ultrasn0w.

Note: For T-mobile US user, please ensure you disable 3G service before proceeding. To disable 3G, go to Settings -> General -> Network on your iPhone and turn off 3G.

1. Launch Cydia.


2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”


3. Tap “Edit” button and then tap “Add” button.

4. Type in “” for the cydia/apt URL and tap “Add Source”. Cydia will then verify the URL and register the repository URL. When complete, tap “Return to Cydia” to continue.

Add Ultrasn0w Repositorycydia-update-complete

5. You’ll find the new URL registered. Tap “Done” and then tap “Search”.


6. Type in “ultrasn0w” to search for Ultrasn0w application. Once found, tap on “ultrasn0w”.

Cydia - Search for ultrasn0w

7. Next, tap “Install” to kick off. Then tap “Confirm” to confirm the installation.

cydia-ultrasn0wCydia - Confirm installation

8. Cydia will then download the ultrasn0w application. When complete, tap “Return to Cydia”.

9. Next, press Home button to go back to home screen and power off your iPhone.

Power off iPhone

10. Power ON your iPhone and ultrasn0w will be automatically started to unlock your iPhone.

Good luck for your unlock. Please feel free to leave comment and share your iPhone Unlock experience.

3 Replies to “Step by Step Guide for iPhone 3G Unlock using Ultrasn0w”

  1. A very clear and concise guide. Thanks! Just one question.

    Do you need the original sim card to perform the unlock and/or jailbreak on an iPhone 3G?

  2. I liked this guide too..

    @Daniel Im not sure bout the sim thing, im still waiting for my iphone .. u might try this link i just found

  3. One of the BEST guides online…clear, concise…and pic’s included for us techno-phobes.
    Well done Ashish.

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