Steps to Install Leaked Facebook iPad App

Here are the steps that has to be follow in-order to install the official FaceBook leaked app on iPad.
Please note that user wanting to install this leaked Facebook app will need a jailbroken device.

Step 1.
Tap to launch the App Store from the Springboard and install the iPhone Facebook App.

Step 2.
Tap to launch Cydia from Springboard and now select FullForce from the list of “Extensions Useful”on iPad on the main screen.

Step 3.
Now tap on Install button at the top right of the screen to confirmed installation. After it is done, restart the springboard button.

Step 4.
After the Springboard has restarted, now tap to launch the Settings app.

Step 5.
Press to select FullForce from the menu on the left and toggle the Facebook switch ON.

Step 6.
Now you must restart your iPad.

Step 7.
After restarting the iPad, now press to launch the new iPad Facebook application from your Springboard.

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