Steve Jobs ,’A new iPad model of Computing.’

Steve Jobs is no stranger to magnification, but sometimes he says things that make the hair on your neck stand up.

Here, Steve Jobs reveals it all:

“Well, the iPad is clearly going to affect notebook computers. And I think the iPad proves it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. There’s a lot of development and progress that will occur over the next few years, but we’re already seeing tremendous interest in iPad from education and, much to my surprise, from business.”

“We haven’t pushed it real hard in business and it’s being grabbed out of our hands. I talk to people every day in all kinds of businesses that are using iPads… The more time that passes, the more I am convinced that we’ve got a tiger by the tail here and this is a new model of computing — you know we’ve already got tens of millions of people trained on with the iPhone — and that lends itself to lots of different aspects of life, personal, educational, and business. I see it as very general purpose and very big… One could argue about the timing endlessly, but I don’t think you can argue it’s going to happen.”


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