Steve Jobs acknowledges Stan Sigman into Wireless Hall of Fame

Steve Jobs, the chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. has congratulated Stan Sigman, the former CEO of Cingular and then AT&T Mobility, on being inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame.
Jobs and Sigman have a special relationship dating back to 2005 when they first started talking about bringing the iPhone to market.

Sigman said, “Steve called me at home late one evening,”. “We had just introduced a Motorola phone that had iTunes on it and Steve had a vision of doing more with the device than that.”

After the talks the duo decided to partner on the iPhone but at that time they were without prototype. Sigman said. “Steve and I had not seen a phone — we just had confidence in our respective organizations that we could do this. It was a big gamble, but I had that much faith in Steve Jobs. He told me what he could do and I believed him, and history will show that was a good decision.”

That’s was how the pair came together and work wonder with their products.


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