Steve Jobs Action Figure Available For Pre-Order Now

Steve Jobs Action Figure

For many Apple fanboys, Steve Jobs was missed a lot as many expected that had Steve Jobs been alive, Apple would have launched something new around Christmas as a Christmas gift for Apple fanboys. There are various online forums where Apple fanboys are discussing such things.

Steve Jobs Action Figure

There was a time when on the occasion of Christmas, girls completed their collection of Barbie dolls and boys added a lot of action figures to their G.I. Joe collection. Today, in the era of playstation and Xbox, such action figures may not fascinate many people.

However, there is a new action figure that is likely to fascinate a lot of Apple fanboys.

The new 12” Steve Jobs action figure from toy company In Icons is going to be released in February for $99.

This action figure has textured hair, creases in lips, glasses, eye color, and the stare and look in the eyes of Steve Jobs that most people are familiar with. There is also a full line of accessories will be made available very soon. This line of accessories will include a “one more thing” stage backdrop, keynote stool, interchangeable hands for varied gestures, apples, iPhones, iPads, the Apple I, and even the famous New Balance sneakers that were worn by Steve Jobs.

However, if you are too eager to get your hands on this action figure and do not wish to wait till February, this figurine is available for pre-order now and the $99 price tag will include following:

1. One realistic head sculpt and two pairs of glasses.

2. One highly articulated body and three pairs of hands.

3. One black turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans.

4. One black leather belt and One chair (wood + metal)

5. One pair of black socks and sneaker.

6. Two apples (One with a bite.).

7. One piece of “ONE MORE THING” hard backdrop.

There is a suspense regarding what this “ONE MORE THING” could mean. This might be revealed later.

In Icons is only producing a limited quantity. That is why, if you really want it and show your “love and support to legendary Steve Jobs”, better order it right now.

Source: Modmyi

Image Courtesy: In Icons

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