Steve Jobs Action Figure Out Of Production

Steve Jobs Action Figure

Weeks ago, we reported that a Steve Jobs action figure is available for online purchase and would hit the stores in February.

Apple wanted to ban the sales of Steve Jobs action figure.

Toymakers manufacturing the Steve Jobs action figure followed a “bring-it-on” attitude towards Apple, saying that Apple could not prevent the sales. Now Apple has scored victory over them.

This is true. Now you should not expect to decorate your desk or bookshelf with the controversial Steve Jobs action figure. The Hong Kong businessman behind the product has decided to shut down the production of the realistic Jobs doll.

Tandy Cheung of In Icons Productions has announced that the product is not available on the company website anymore. Cheung is saying that the Steve Jobs figurine would not be sold now or in the future. “Unfortunately we have received immense pressure from the lawyers of Apple and Steve Jobs family,” Cheung noted.

Even though Cheung originally refused to take the action figure off the market, later he realized that the legal issues were murky. One set of experts claimed that selling a likeness of Jobs was legal. However, the other set of legal experts said that the sale could be blocked in some countries or jurisdictions.

The Jobs action figure was selling for US $99, and there is quite a lot of other less realistic Jobs memorabilia on eBay.

Source: TUAW

Image Courtesy: In Icons

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