Steve Jobs denigrates the Competition from Apple rivals

The iPad faces some stiff competition over the next few months from rivals like Samsung, RIM and Dell, but Steve Jobs doesn’t sound phased as he sizes up their offerings.

Steve Jobs had plenty to celebrate today, as Apple released a fourth-quarter sales report that exceeded expectations, but instead, the Apple head took the opportunity to fire a few volleys at the competition. Jobs seems to be less than impressed with the new entries to the tablet field that are lining up to compete with Apple’s iPad, including the 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook.

“Given that tablet users will have a smartphone in their pocket, there’s no point in giving up screen size. Seven inch tablets are tweeners too big to be a phone, and too small to compete with the iPad,” he stated yesterday.

This comment is especially interesting; given the rumors that Apple has its own 7” pad coming next year. Does this mean we won’t be seeing a mini iPad?


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