Steve Jobs Lost Interview coming to theaters

Steve Jobs

When the legends and icons die, everybody wants to see their rare moments that are not known to anyone. With celebrities, this happens more often.

When Michael Jackson passed away, few months after his death, a documentary titled, “This Is It” was released on TV and cinemas. This documentary was a collection of rare footage, songs and performances of Jackson.

The success that Jackson achieved in the field of music is parallel to the success that Steve Jobs achieved in the computers, softwares and gadgets.

The time has come to see Steve Jobs on screen. That’s right! Landmark Theaters will play Steve Jobs: Lost Interview, nationwide on 16 November and 17 November. This movie is an interview. This interview was a part of a conversation between Steve Jobs and Robert Cringely that was held in 1995. A small 10-minute segment of this conversation had been seen in Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires, a 1996 PBS miniseries about Silicon Valley. The remaing interview was supposed to be seen in a sequel to the series. However the footage got lost. Paul Sen, the director of the series found the footage in his garage, days after the death of Steve Jobs.

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