The Lost Interview Of Steve Jobs Now Available In iTunes

Steve Jobs Lost interview

Last year, shortly after the sad demise of Steve Jobs, some forgotten footage of a Steve Jobs interview from 1996 was discovered in the garage of a TV director. The tape featured 70 minute conversation between Jobs and Robert Clingely.

The recovered interview ended up garnering so much interest, that it actually made it into theaters all across the US. If you did not get a chance to see the film, cheer up. Now you can now rent it in iTunes.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview was originally recorded for a TV documentary called “Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires.” The show spotlighted the fast-growing Silicon Valley.

Only 10 minutes of that conversation actually made it on air, but the entire thing is really worth watching. In this conversation, Jobs, who was still running NeXT at the time, talked about everything from his early days at Apple, to the future of personal computing.

You can rent Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview in iTunes for $3.99. Unfortunately, it appears to only be available in the US at the moment. But it may start hitting other countries shortly.

Source: iDownload Blog

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