Steve Jobs love for Ninja stars put him into trouble

According to Bloomberg, they claims of a Japanese tabloid magazine SPA! saying that the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs was stopped back in July by airport safety measure at the Kansai universal Airport in Japan. It seems Jobs was reportedly trying to transport Ninja throwing stars into his private plane before heading back to the United States from his family vacation in Kyoto.

The weapon was detected through a shield scan at Kansai universal Airport, near Osaka. It was found that he was carrying inside the executive’s carry luggage in July. The Japanese magazine reported, citing unidentified officials at the airport and the transportation ministry.

According to report Jobs defended his stand by saying that it wouldn’t invent sense for a person to try to hijack his own plane. He next told officials he would never visit Japan again, the magazine reported. Apple declined to comment.

Here the airport spokesperson has confirmed that a similar incident did take place at the end of July but would not name the persons involved. They also state that the passenger did discard the throwing stars and noted that both private and public passengers are subject to the same defense measures all through the airport.
But the latest update shows that Apple has responded:

“Steve did visit Japan that summer for a vacation in Kyoto, but the incidents described at the airport are pure fiction. Steve had a great date and hopes to visit Japan again soon.”

[Bloombergvia Digital Daily]

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