Steve Jobs Private Memorial

Steve Jobs Memorial

Steve Jobs is looking down at us, smiling. The whole world is mourning his demise and paying tribute to him. Honoring his iconic status, his admirers have also given him a memorial.

That’s right! People gathered at New York’s Fifth Avenue with candles, roses, notes and apples to pay tribute to the technology wizard who gave Apple Inc to this world. They all gathered at the Apple Store located there which is now being seen as a memorial of Steve Jobs.

Flying balloons and notes sent a clear message to Apple Inc and to the world that how much Steve Jobs would be missed. The admirers of Steve Jobs wanted to tell Apple Inc that they are with them in this hard time when their founder has left this world.

People die everyday but few are remembered for their accomplishments. Steve Jobs was and will always be one of them.

Did you attend this tribute march in the honor of Steve Jobs? Will you remember him and his achievements? Tell us in this comments section below.

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