Steve Jobs the 43rd richest American

steve_jobs1According to Forbes’ annual list of wealthiest Americans, Steve Jobs is this year ranked as 43rd with a net worth of approximately $5.1 billion. This would generally come as a good news to mr. Jobs, but actually his not worth fell from last year by approximately $600 million. Though he lost more than half a billion, he moved up 18 places.

The report notes that Steve Jobs has earned big times on his investment of Pixar, which he purchased back in 1986 for $10 million. When Disney acquired Pixar, Steve Jobs became the largest individual stockholder of Disney, and in the past 6 months, Disney’s stock price has risen nearly 90% and because of this, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs’ net worth has risen by more than $1 billion.

Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates remains the leader of Forbes 400 List of Richest Americans with a net worth of approximately $50 billion, and he is now America’s richest person for the 16th straight year.

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