Steve Jobs Tried To Hire Linux Founder Ten Years Ago

Steve Jobs passed away last year. It was his greatness due to his achievements because of which after his death, whenever any new or lesser known fact about his life comes to light, it becomes a big news.

Given below is an interesting little paragraph from Wired’s profile of Linus Torvalds, the founder of Open Source Linux OS:

Torvalds has never met Bill Gates, but around 2000, when he was still working at Transmeta, he met Steve Jobs. Jobs invited him to Apple’s Cupertino campus and tried to hire him. “Unix for the biggest user base: that was the pitch,” says Torvalds. The condition: He’d have to drop Linux development. “He wanted me to work at Apple doing non-Linux things,” he said. That was a non-starter for Torvalds. Besides, he hated Mac OS’s Mach kernel.

Linux Logo

Steve Jobs tried to hire Torvalds, ten years ago. Linux is now the core of many operating systems, such as Android, Chrome WebOS, and a few others. If Apple hired Torvalds in 2000, Linux might not have made it to 2012.

Source: 9TO5 Mac

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