Steve Jobs Wanted To Make An Apple Branded Automobile

Steve Jobs

The rumors of HDTV set from Apple are going strong. So it is time for rumors about a car from Apple to join in.

It may seem absurd or a joke but there are some vestiges of truth behind the assertion that Apple could produce a company-branded automobile dubbed the “iCar.” It turns out that Steve Jobs actually spoke of such a creation.

Shortly before his sad demise in October 2011, the iconic co-founder of Apple began dramatically expanding – at least on the drawing board – the potential reach of Apple’s product line. In addition to laying the groundwork for a forthcoming connected HDTV offering, Jobs envisioned something much more unorthodox.

J. Crew CEO and Apple board member Mickey Drexler said in a new interview:

“Look at the car industry, it’s a tragedy in America. Who’s designing the cars? Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar and I think it would’ve been probably 50% of the market. He never did design it.”

He also did not deny that such a vehicle could still manifest. If the Google “smart car” continues to make progress, there is a chance Apple may attempt to bring Jobs’ vision for the iCar to life. For the present time, however, Drexler says Apple’s next venture is the living room. This means that that the iTV (if Apple is really making it) will be here much sooner than the iCar.

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