Steve, not confident of Apple TV refresh.

It has been a hard time for me to recollect all the events and products that Apple is carrying out year after year. The company is up to something different every time and they used to be confident about them. But to everyone’s surprise the CEO of the company Steve Jobs is not convinced about Apple TV being a success at an instant like that of the iPad.

Why Steve feels like that?

He was found quoting “Most consumers aren’t ready to cut the cord on their cable company, or put up with the tech-nastics required to stream content from the iTunes collection on their PC to their living room big-screen TV and it’s a product that at best will delight some of the ‘hobbyists’ that have always been interested in the product.”

If he thinks so then there is some solid reason behind it. But yes it’s not every time a product will be an overnight hit. May be in due course of time it improves.

In addition to shows, Apple TV can access games and applications currently available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. Such an inclusion could represent Apple’s entrance into the set top box gaming market.
Apple TV has some additionals though. It’s just a matter of time, Steve just to have some patience till it takes off.


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