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Stock Mentor By Bitmantra Software Solutions LLP

Price: $5.99
Category: Finance
Size: 0.8 MB
Version: 1.0

The app can work for beginners who are newly into the world of stock or people already in Finance. Stock Mentor is a well designed app, you can say a multi feature finance app. The app is easy to navigate.

The app has a amazing user interface and very intuitive. The app is very different from other Finance app. Here, Stock Mentor provide a precise information on entry points, stop and closing prices and targets point. The app also provide short term trend(STT) and medium term trend (MTT)

This app should be in every iPhone, not only for people into finance but user wanting to know about stock. The reason behind the suggestion is that Stock Mentor not only will tell when to trade but also a learning platform about market trend and market structures.

Stock Mentor trades the SPDR exchange- traded fund (ETF) that holds all of S&P 500 index stocks. The stock involve in the S&P 500 are either of the two largest American Stock market exchanges like New York Exchange and the NASDAQ.

The main aims or features of this app is to help you in purchasing decision. Stock Mentor will gives you an investment education all at the same time. You can discuss your portfolio or any investment with a trading expert. When you take Stock Mentor on your iPhone is like taking your very own advisor with you wherever you go.The app also provide Breaking news updates on the stock and the market.

In Stock Mentor there is an option called Today’s pick where you can glimpse about the latest stock updates. The app shows about the entry and stop points, targets and Short term trend and medium term trend. You can refer the past SPY through Past Picks. My stock is another option that allows you to add any number of stock to your list. Watch list provide access to the previous stock you had add.

Stock Mentor include Facebook and Twitter which helps you to connect and share your though on the latest trend in stock market and even mail it to your friend. User can directly open Facebook in safari. A useful service called as push notification can get you instant stock related News, alerts and reminder, suggestion and useful tips and tricks. In order to gain access to useful notification, first you need to purchase the service for $15. The service is worth buying. All information in one roof.

Stock Mentor is very innovative app. Very thoughtful on the part of developers to add so many practical use feature on this app. Like the addition of News, Push notification, My stock and social networking site like Facebook and twitter.

Updated Version: User can have direct contact with an expert trader via live chat or email.

My Rating: 5 star out of 5

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