Stolen iPhone Photos Posted By Disney Cruise Ship Employee

iPhone Thief Nelson

Sharing the picture above, the iPhone owner Katy McCaffrey posted on her Facebook:

“This is Nelson. Nelson has my stolen iPhone.”

McCaffrey took her iPhone on a Disney Cruise back in April, where the phone was either misplaced or stolen. The iPhone has been found now. Photo Stream was still running, and pictures from the iPhone have started appearing on it of Nelson and his friends and coworkers on the boat.

After investigating the situation, Disney announced that the phone has been recovered and will be returned to its owner when the boat that it’s on is back in port. The employee in question is on “administrative leave,” and his fate will presumably be determined when the current cruise is finished.

Disney is doing its best to save their face. Nleson should have returned the phone to the owner straightway had he found it lost.

Source: TUAW

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