Dear Safari, Good-bye Until You Start Performing

Okay, I accept, I’m that nerdy fanboy who’d uncritically go for anything Apple. Today, it’s about to change a wee.

Till last week I can say I was admirer of the buggy Safari, specially Safari 5. Reason being – it comes from Apple. I never tried using other browsers. Not firefox as it looks like Windows browser running on Mac. Opera? I think it’s still in beta, and reminds me of those not-so-smart Nokia mobiles.

I never used any browser as such, not even Google Chrome. I had these browsers download to test web apps developed by us, but never bothered to use it for regular surfing, not even considered.

In past few days, Safari, with every new updates, has gone worse. It takes few seconds to show up an empty page, freezes every few minutes. A restart or reset doesn’t help either!

So finally this is what I did to Safari Browser on my Mac.

After years of love and ignorance, I gave up Safari for Google Chrome. I’ve been using Chrome for a week now and I’m comfortable with it now. I will miss Safari, but surely will come back when Apple has fixed it and when it’s not acting as slow as a wet week!

And, This post is being published using a Google Chrome Browser.

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