Get Ready For Some Strategic Arcade Action With Angry Boo [REVIEW]

Angry Boo

Do you like strategy games and wish to play a game featuring bats that is not based on Batman? Then here is Angry Boo just for you.

As you should not judge a book by cover, you should not judge a game by name. This game is not a Boogeyman to scare you. This is an entertaining game from Yubi Games. Yubi Games is a new but well-known name in the gaming industry as they manage the gaming business of GIGIGO worldwide. Mostly making games for iPhone and iPad, Yubi Games are set enter the world of Android games very soon.

Angry Boo

In Angry Boo, the protagonist Boo refreshed my childhood memories as he reminded me of Casper, the friendly good ghost from the animated series of the same name. Definitely I missed character Harry Scary (or his counterpart here) but this game is still entertaining.

This game is easy to play. You can just download Angry Boo and start shooting from one web to the next through vividly themed game zones. You would be angling Boo’s flight to catch as many coins as he can while avoiding mangy bats.

Playing Angry Boo is an instantly addicting mobile gaming experience. Players help Boo get through levels by shooting him from one spider web to another. Hopping through webs, Boo will catch as many gold coins floating in between as he can. Shooting Boo is fun and easy with the intuitive controls of this game. All you need to do is just touch Boo, pull back either a bit or a lot to set the force of his shot, and move your finger up or down to set his trajectory. This gives you the freedom to shoot him in high arcs over short distance, straight and fast like a bullet, and everywhere in between to ensure you can always find the perfect move to get every coin that you come across! Angry Boo is a full mobile game filled with a lot action spread across 28 levels which take place on 4 differently themed game zones.

Angry Boo

Scoring in the game is simple, yet engaging. Each collected coin get players 10 points.However, if you can pick up multiple coins quickly, you will be rewarded with multiplier bonuses for each coins! Get two coins in a row and the second coin will earn you 20 points instead of 10! Bag 3 coins quickly and the second and third coins will be worth 20 and 30 points a piece. The point multipliers will keep climbing to a maximum of 9 coins. That is why, the faster you go, the richer you will get.

Let us have a look at the features of Angry Boo game:

1. Angry Boo has Fast paced sling-shot inspired platform action.

2. There are four Diverse game zones in this game.

3. This game has 28 uniquely challenging arcade levels.

4. The coin collecting scoring system of this game is what makes it engaging.

5. iCloud online capabilities are available.

6. This game can integrated with Game Center.

7. Angry Boo features interactive Openfeint online leader boards.

8. After Capser, Boo is a new cute ghost character that you would find entertaining.

9. The new version of this game features minor improvements and enhancements.

Angry Boo is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version to run.

So did you find Angry Boo funny and entertaining? Or did this game make you angry? Post your comments.

Click here to download Angry Boo.

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