Student builds iPad for girlfriend


Love can push one to any limits. It can motivate one to do things that are impossible and unimaginable.

Wei Xinlong, a Chinese student wanted to buy an iPad for his girlfriend but after finding it too expensive, decided to make his own iPad for her.

Wei wanted to impress his girlfriend Sun Shasha and with ten days of dedicated hard-work that included reading on internet and arranging equipments, manufactured an iPad that works exactly like a real iPad made by Apple.

He borrowed parts from an old laptop. Created motherboard, display and memory. This iPad is Windows 7 enabled. One can read, browse internet, watch movies and do many things on this iPad.

Priced at 800 yuans, in US dollars this tablet would be priced at $125.

What the girl had to say about this unique gift? She was touched, calling it “the best gift ever”.

Source: Recombu

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