Students gripe, banned lifted on iPod

iPods have been an integral part of school going goers but the banned in schools from Australia to Idaho by officials citing reasons from cheating to social isolation causes hues and cry. Here one Massachusetts school students prevented the ban saying that the MP3 devices help them study.

“When I listen to music, it helps me concentrate,’’ said senior Craig Dickey, who said he has attention deficit disorder. He likened the music on his MP3 player to white noise, saying, “It blocks everything else out.’’
“It’s hard to focus without it,’’ student Patrick Shaughnessy said. “The ones not listening are the ones who are talking’’ and disrupting study halls, he said.

After about 70 students packed the town hall to ask members to let them hang on to their iPods in school and only after that the Natick School Committee canceled its vote on banning iPods l, The Boston Globe reported.

Principal Stephen Sangster said, “I would say that policy failed miserably,’’ and also adding that the thefts have also increased. “I was really hoping that it would work, but it didn’t. I would say it’s somewhat of a safety problem when students can’t hear you.’’


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