Subscribing to calendar in iPhone and iPad. How to go about it

Staying up to date is as important as starting your day and being in the know with the happenings around you. Calendar subscription, provides an easy way of staying up to date with probably your favorite T.V program, events date, and even national holidays. Brace yourself to learn in this article, how to subscribe to calendar and remove calendar whenever you want.

However, you will need the calendar’s web address as it will be useful in the subscription process.
In order to sync your calendar subscription across all the devices that you may have signed your iCloud account into; you need to subscribe to calendar on your mac by opening the calendar app on your Mac, select File; New calendar subscription, enter the calendar’s URL and finally, select the iCloud in the Location menu.

1. Go to settings; scroll down in your settings until you see; ‘mail, contacts and calendars’
2. Tap on ‘mail, contacts and calendar’
3. You will see ‘Accounts’ ; underneath this, you will see ‘add account ‘
4. Tap on ‘add account’ ; it will bring out iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, AOI and outlook. However, underneath all these, you will see ‘other’.
5. Click on ‘other’ after which, it brings up this; (add picture)
6. Click on ‘Add subscribed calendar’s at the bottom.
7. It brings up a screen with a URL search space at the top.
8. Paste your copied ‘Link’ (calendar’s web address) into the URL box.
9. Tap on ‘Next’ at the top right corner
10. After which you Tap on ‘save’
And that’s it! Congratulations you’ve successfully subscribed to calendar. Your calendar is good to go as it will now be displayed in the calendar app.

If you want to remove a calendar subscription still on iPhone and iPad;
• Go to settings app
• Tap on ‘Accounts and passwords’
• Tap on ‘subscribed calendars’
• Then Tap on the ‘calendar subscription’ you want to remove,
• Finally, Tap on ‘Delete Account ‘
Finally you’ve removed your calendar subscription.