SUP! app Review

SUP! App for iPhone

Can’t remember the date of your favorite artist’s concert? Can’t remember the birthday of your best friend? Want plan your weekly schedule in office? Want to invite all your friends at once to have fun with you?

Here comes an ideal solution from GB Cubed, LLC.

SUP! is a social networking app that has a calender in which you can mark the dates. Flickering of a date in a particluar way means, you are being reminded that you have attend an event on that date. You create an event and post when can you have fun. Your friends in your network will see that and join you.

Your friend has added you in a list where he would like to see every update of yours. So if he organizes an event. You will see it and plan your appearance in that event.

So are you ready to let SUP! keep tabs on your friend and check on the results? Now you do not need to remember everything. So give your mind rest.

Click here to buy and download SUP!

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