Survey on women about iPad users

The survey untaken by the Yahoo and Resolve Market research brings about exciting and very informative among the women iPad users.

In the initial survey by Yahoo! a couple of weeks after iPad’s initial launch the survey discovered that initial uptakes were generally considered to be wealthy males in their late 30’s and early 40’s and also the results of a new survey by Yahoo! were published a couple of days ago. This new data shows a more interesting demographic and especially when seen alongside a current survey by market Research Company, Resolve Market Research.

Very likely the Yahoo! survey in particular has shown an increase in women users of the iPad. Moreover, initial launch women consumers represented 34% of purchasers whereas this has now increased to nearly half at 49%. The age demographic has remained consistent, with the largest group of up takers still being in the 34 to 44 years age group at 28%. Now the next group is in the 21 to 29 years age group at 19% representing that iPad continues to be a younger person’s device.

According to the survey important revelation discovered by Resolve is that 37% of iPad customers are new to Apple products. The Resolve survey indicates that 49% of iPad users are no longer interested in purchasing an e-reader and on top of this, 38% said they would no longer be buying another gaming device and 32% said they weren’t interested in purchasing a new laptop or notebook.

It really seems iPad to be establishing itself amongst people and within markets that were quite unexpected before the April release. Now if the iPad’s appeal continues to grow then it’ll be turning up in all sorts of new and exciting things.

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