Survey reveal iPad owners are Younger and more male

Recently a new survey from Neilsen shows that iPad owners tend to be younger and predominately male, while Kindle owners are more educated and make more money. It seems Nielsen has surveyed more than 5,000 owners of connected devices to produce a survey revealed this week by Advertising Age. The Connected Devices Playbook queried 400 iPad owners and found that 65% are male and 63% under 35.

The survey result is not surprising as since young men tend to be early adaptors for new technology and love their latest gadgets. Here, even the Kindle owner is a bit more upscale, with 44% making over $80,000 per year in contrast to 39% for iPad owners.

Neilsen survey also shows that Kindle owners consist of educated background, 27% having masters’ degrees or doctorates. Again this also not surprising, since users buy the Kindle to read and there’s not all that much else you can do with it.


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