Survey shows one-third of iPad owners haven’t download any apps

We can say that thousands of available apps are a powerful temptation for many iPad buyers, a significant number of users don’t bother with them at all. One major difference in the iPad and the rival tablets being released in its wake is the number and variety of available applications. Apple wasn’t kidding when it patented the phrase, “We have an app for that.” But a recent survey reveals that almost a third of iPad owners haven’t downloaded any apps at all.

The Nielsen Company conducted a survey among 5,000 owners of tablets and smartphones, and discovered that while 63% of iPad owners had downloaded paid apps and another 5% only free apps, 32% had never downloaded an app.

The interesting part is that among those who paid for content, the most popular downloads were games, followed by book, music, shopping and news apps. The store atmosphere of the iTunes App Store are appealing and well I don’t see how they can resist, especially considering the number of apps that are free. Of course, with free apps comes advertising, but most iPad owners don’t seem to mind. The survey revealed that a majority of iPad owners (57%) don’t object to ads when they provide access to free content.


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