Suzie’s Sushi House App: Play, learn & make sushi

Let me tell you little bit about sushi first. Sushi is a famous Japanese delicacy which is commonly topped with other ingredients such as fish or other seafood. It is basically cooked vineyard rice which is known by different names based on the toppings.

Literally Sushi means “it’s sour” but our cook Suzie will make her guests relish the taste. After playing the game you will like to cook and serve sushi. It’s fun to know Japanese cuisine in an app called ‘Suzie’s Sushi House’

There’s small story behind Suzie. Once upon a sunny day, Suzie walks down the street and stumbles upon a sushi house. From that day on, Suzie’s biggest dream is to own a successful sushi house. 10 years later she starts her first small sushi house and serves her honored guests different recipes of Sushi.

Designed by Kooapps the developer of the App Mr Wang made sure that the app is set in a neat interface with options like achievements, credits and leaderboard as well. Bright colors like yellow and pink make the game appear pleasant. The app features 19 amazing sushi recipes in 31 levels along with 12 ingredients to be replenished.

The gameplay is simple, customers come and place the order and your job is to combine the ingredients in the correct proportion to make the dish ordered. If you fail to mix the right quantities then the resultant food is a brown colored rot 🙂

Once you select the ingredients just tap the mat to mix it and finally the food rolls on to the customer. Like all other cooking apps (Dinner dash, Cooking dash) this one also has a customer mood meter at the bottom which shows the time they would be ready to wait. Some customers are in a hurry and they need to be served fast. Suzie advises to prepare sushi before hand for such customers.

The app features a ‘Recipe’ book to look through various Japanese recipes and know details of the same. The Avocado roll is popular moreover the game starts with two recipes and it increases as you proceed to succeeding days. The game becomes weak when the player has to remember the ratios of various ingredients to be mixed.

Customers pay after eating and the required money earned is used to buy more raw material for cooking. Sweat and slog to earn more :). Some of the achievements are like, Make your first rainbow roll, make your first Dragon roll. After ending one days work you proceed to the next day. The score is neatly displayed with whatever you earned along with Cost and Profit.

The game has two modes, easy and hard. You needn’t unlock the easy mode to step into the hard one except for knowing Sushi recipes. After playing the hard mode you will be the proud holder of a MMS degree (Masters in making Sushi) because in the hard mode you are not guided regarding the ratio of ingredients to be mixed. Unlike in the easy mode the ingredients are automatically replenished and the ratio of ingredients is displayed while playing.

Priced at $0.99 Its worth giving a try and knowing more about Japanese cuisine. I am sure after playing you would wish to try dragon roll once. The video and the snapshots are below. Please feel free to drop in your reactions and comments.

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