Swedish Company Claims Patent Rights To “Slide To Unlock”

Slide To Unlock

Apple has sued many companies in order to protect its patents and now it seems that some other company wants to sue Apple and extort money over a patent that legally belongs to Apple.

Recently, Apple had won a lawsuit against Motorola because the swipe (or “slide-to-unlock” as it is better known) belongs to Apple.

However, Neonode, a Swedish firm has claimed to be in possession of a patent that relates to horizontal swiping and gliding to unlock a device. Apple’s slide-to-unlock gesture is an example.

Neonode, claims to have received the relevant patent during January of this year, and its head of IP, Yossi Shain has said that companies such as Sony and Barnes & Noble are already licensees.

Originally filed back in 2002, patent number 8,095,879 apparently works in conjunction with other Neonode patents to cover the whole sliding gesture arena. Now Apple is being asked to enter into a licensing agreement with Neonode.

This may sound interesting that Apple is currently locked in a legal battle with both Samsung and Motorola, claiming that the two Android manufacturers infringe on Apple patents relating to sliding to unlock.

It is yet to be determined by court who is right. If the likes of Sony are already licensing Neonode’s technology, then it can be said that claims made by Neonode is true.

Source: iDownload Blog

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