Google Swiffy Makes Flash Video Possible on iOS

Google has announced the first version of Swiffy on Google labs. Now iPhone and iPad users can upload SWF file and where Swiffy will converts Flash SWF files to HTML5. The HTML 5 version will work in modern browser with the help of high level of SVG support like Chrome and safari. Currently Swiffy supports ActionScript 2.0 and subset of SWF 8. An Animation produced with Adobe Flash can involve text and both vector and raster graphics, not only that it can also consist of interactive actions written in ActionScript.

At present Apple devices does not support Flash due to some security issues and bugs. But Apple devices support new web technologies like HTML5 and also Apple web browser-safari. Product manager Marcel Gordon reports in a blog post that Swiffy is a great example of web platform journey and which Swiffy animations takes comfort from the advancement in JavaScript execution speed and accelerated 2D graphics in the browser.

Marcel Gordon says that the project has started off from a hack. Gordon revealed that an engineering Intern by the name Pieter Senster was “hacking around” in order to find a way as how google could display Flash animation on devices which does not have any support of Adode’s Flash player software.

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  1. It doesn’t make Flash video possible at all… Sorry, it’s just a basic animation translation tool…

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