Syncing Your iOS Device With Multiple iTunes Libraries [TUTORIAL]

Syncing iTunes Library

There is a new jailbreak app called MultiTunes that will let you sync with multiple iTunes libraries on your iOS device.

Apple limits you to one iTunes library at a time by default. While iCloud and iTunes Match make it easier for you to access your music from anywhere, some people would like to sync with different libraries without deleting all locally stored music first. This is where MultiTunes comes into play.

The developer of this jailbreak app has a warning for new users:

“Before downloading content from iTunes or App Store apps, make sure your default library is selected in this app. Otherwise, your content may not download properly.”

MultiTunes is easy to use. It is a perfect way to sync music from different iTunes libraries. You have to follow this procedure to do it:

STEP 1 – Open the jailbreak app MultiTunes on your iOS device and create as many different libraries you want. When you select a different library, open the Music app. You will notice that you have either no music or an entirely different collection, all depending on whether you have synced with iTunes or not.

STEP 2 – When you change libraries and open iTunes, you will be prompted to “set up” your iOS device again. Relax! This does not mean that all your information is about to be replaced. Simply add a name for your device again (you should keep it the same). Everything will look normal in iTunes, minus your empty Music app library.

STEP 3 – Now, your device will need to be authorized with another iTunes account to transfer purchased, DRM-protected music. However, you should be able to add tunes over smoothly otherwise.

STEP 4 – If you want to go back to your original library, then all you need to do is just open MultiTunes again and select it. This will switch our Music app back to its original state instantly and your device’s library will show up like normal in iTunes again.

You should remember that you are using onboard device storage for these different libraries and thus, you should be wary of your capacity when syncing back and forth.

MultiTunes is available for free download in Cydia. Share your feedback about this app with us.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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