Syria Bans iPhone

Syria bans iPhone to silence protests

With pro-democracy protests becoming strong in Syria, the dictatorial regime is getting sleepless nights due to the fear of losing power.

The crackdown on citizens supporting democracy is going on violence is something that can be seen everywhere.

In a bizarre turn of events, Syrian government has banned iPhone in Syria.

Syrian Finance Ministry’s Customs Department is serving notices to pro-democracy activists, warning them against using iPhone.

The reason behind the ban on iPhone is believed to be the capturing of images and videos that show the clash between protestor and government forces. So far there are no indications whether the authorities are banning other smartphones too.

Meanwhile, Abdulfattah Jandali, the biological father of Late Steve Jobs, who migrated to USA, many years ago is supporting the Syrian protestors by opening his YouTube channel and posting videos, expressing his support for protesters.

Source: Apple Insider

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