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Apple white iPhone 4 hindered until spring 2011

Apple has announced that the now seemingly imaginary device known as the white iPhone 4 will not grace us with its presence until next spring. Let’s see what the Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller: “We’re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone yet again, but we’ve decided to delay its
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Apple spells out Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

According to report, the new Apple 10.7 Lion is coming in the summer 2011. We can see , “The power of Mac OS X and the magic of iPad,” Moreover, it’s not about the rumored 10.7 Snow Cougar, but it’ll have Mac App Store, and many advanced features that merge iPad
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iSuppli vaults iPad projection for 2011

Here, one research firm has foretells its projected sales numbers for the iPad over the next couple of years based on increasing availability. Research firm iSuppli just released a very optimistic look into the future, one that paints a very rosy picture for Apple’s iPad. Well, by pressing on its figures
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