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iPhone Designed as Slingshot Ammo [Video]

A new test has been done to observed as whether an iPhone can be utilize as a slingshot ammo. Here, the Slingshot Channel has done this test to make out if iPhone can be use as slingshot ammo and also to distinguished as what happens when a large steel ball i.e is shot from a mighty slingshots, which strike an iPhone on the touchpad.

Folks check out the video, title as Slingshot vs. iPhone:

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Axon Logic Hackintosh Tablet may outdo the iPad

Crunch gear recently reported on the release of the new Axon Haptic, a 10-inch touch screen tablet device priced approximately at $750 to $800 and capable of running not only both Windows and Linux, but also any Darwin-based operating system, including Mac OS X. We had some rumors back in April
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New iPhone Spotted

iPhone developer Pandav have been in the media’s spotlight for some time lately, because they claim to have spotted usage records for an unreleased iPhone in their app’s analytics. The analytic tool used to spot the new iPhone is PinchMedia and it allows you to break down customers usage and it
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HowTo: Upload Photos And Videos Straight From iPhone 2G/3G

If you have a iPhone 2G/3G i bet you are hate those fancy  iPhone 3Gs users and their ability to record videos and upload them to YouTube straight from their iPhone right?

Well your envy days are over, because you can do that with your iPhone 2G/3G now, and you have a shitload of possibilities where you can upload your stuff. In your face iPhone 3GS.

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