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Mystery: Why Apple Ads Use 9:42

Did you notice that Apple always use the time 9:42 in Apples iPhone Keynote and iPhone ads? Well that’s not just a random choice, but it actually got a reason “sort of”. While Jon Manning from secretlab was waiting for his iPad, he happened to see Scott Forstall wander in
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Google Maps for iPhone is Now Serving Ads

Google has started serving ads through the Google Maps iPhone application, according to SEL. The ads themselves look rather unobtrusive. When you perform a search, sponsored results are generated from your keywords. These results are denoted on the map by a different pin. In list view the sponsored result is highlighted in
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Three New Apple Ads: Dine, Nature and Pass

“There’s an app for that” returns with three new ads. They are called Dine, Nature and Pass and show several apps selected from the 75,000 apps in the App Store so far. Dine features the following apps: Trip Case [Free - App Store] New York Subway ‘09 [$4.99 -App Store] Epicurious Recipes [Free - App
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