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Apple spells out Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

According to report, the new Apple 10.7 Lion is coming in the summer 2011. We can see , “The power of Mac OS X and the magic of iPad,” Moreover, it’s not about the rumored 10.7 Snow Cougar, but it’ll have Mac App Store, and many advanced features that merge iPad
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iPad heightened in iOS 4.2 Beta 2

Well, users if you have advanced your iPad to the new beta released last night then, you might probably noticing reliability and speed improvements that are making it much faster than even 3.1.3. It looks like Apple has done some major tweaking to the iOS, which is now using fewer
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LiquidMetal all about the engineering process for Apple

As reported by Cult of Mac, they have an interesting post up that shows some of the truly spectacular LiquidMetal injection moulding and manufacturing processes that will let Apple construct stronger, better, faster unibodies, antennas, and pretty much everything else. Here are some choice quotes: According to Drew Merkel, Apple
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