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Apple Becomes #2 Online Retailer Behind Amazon

apple-online-retail-above-staplesAs per a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has succeeded in overshadowing its retail counterpart Staples taking a 2nd position in the space of online retail. This report is published by Internet Retailer, which stated Apple’s online sales data leaped significantly to 24% last year, although this rise is due to Internet Retailer including the sales of the company’s online hardware along with the revenue made by Apple from digital content download through iTunes and the App Store, so it does not portray an actual increase in sales metric.

This also means Apple could be standing in the 2nd position for sometime now, but essentially not recored by Internet Retailer because sales of the company’s hardware such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV, was kept out from the list.

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Boxee Remote Arrived to Mac & PC

D-Link has launched the Boxee Remote Control by D-Link for Mac and PC users. This remote control is efficient for home theatre fanatic, those who have redesigned their home entertainment atmosphere with dedicated Mac center or PC and in addition longing for Boxee Box exceptional viewing experience on their TV.

Daniel Kelley, D-Link’s Associate Vice President of Consumer Marketing, says that they are delighted to present the remote control complementary tool to consumers already using Boxee’s software on their computers

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Amazon Offer Unlimited Cloud Music Storage

Amazon has made known free cloud storage for all Amazon MP3 obtain. This cloud storage will have unlimited storage plan for music and cloud player for the iPad. Craig Pape, Director of Amazon says that customers are appreciating the Cloud Drive and player and also enjoying the service for just $20 a year.

Craig also express that they are very eager to redesign this service on customer behalf. Customers wanting to receive unlimited space for music, offer is available at the lowest price for $20 a year with 20GB storage plan. This plan includes file space and music. Interested customers can visit Amazon site and acquire Cloud Storage plan and get ulimited space for music.

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Steve Jobs Gets Much Better Biography Title

The first authorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be getting a new title soon. Simon & Schuster’s publicity department has chosen the title of the old one.

Tech.fortune.cnn site says that the author Walter Isaac was not very confident about the old title. His wife and daughter also thought that the title was too cutesy.

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MobileMe First hosted on Apple’s Servers, Then Amazon & Now Likely iCloud

Lot of people are expecting Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2011) to be quite different then other year which is set for June – announcements for iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion and also the company launch of its cloud-based music streaming service called as iCloud. Amazon and Google have both launched online music services of their own in order to compete Apple’s iCloud launch.

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Google accidentally leaked cloud Music App for Android

    According to BusinessInsider, Google has accidentally leaked the upcoming version of their cloud Music App for Android. From the report, Tech From 10 was able to get the app after discovering that Google accidentally pushed a developer version of the next Android Market to their phone. Sadly, now the site is down
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