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Apple vs. Rest Of The World

Apple Samsung Patent CaseFor the past few years we have witnessed a series of patent infringement cases involving same old companies with other different parties such as, Google vs. Apple, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Kodak etc.

According to a recent study from Kanzatec IP group, Apple is involved in 60% of all the major mobile patent suits.

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The tabletwars, are they over without even starting?

A whole bunch of manufacturers are busy trying to create a killer tablet to be able to compete with the iPad. And for many of those manufacturers Google’s Android operating system is the way to go. The hopes are high, since Android already managed to take the leading market share in the smartphone market. A few years ago Apple’s iOS reigned supreme, but was forcefully dethroned by a never-ending series of competitive Android smartphones. But is the tablet business that comparable to the smartphone industry? And shouldn’t we compare it to a much older case, that isn’t that positive for other manufacturers but perhaps fits the bill way better?

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Google Maps on Offline Mode

Google has introduced an offline mode of the Google Maps and thanks to a new feature called Donwload Map Area. No matter which part of the world you are in, the map will help you get your right way.

The Android app which was released last december has got an update of cached routes and surrounding areas. Google highlighted a new feature that helps everyone and comes in need to common man who use public transport everyday. Feature is turn – by – turn navigation for transit which will help you get off at the right bus station which is a really great and a tough task.

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Neilsen says iPhone Growing But Android Flat

Neilsen’s recent survey report shows the raise in the sale of smartphones. According to the report, Sale of smartphones in US have raised from 32% to 55%.

Also, the growth of smartphones has been due to the popularity of Apple iPhone and Google’s Android devices. At the end of 2010, the sales growth has increased by 17% and has remained steady till May this year with Windows Phone 7.

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iPhone Blogging is Effortless & Swift

There has been a massive growth in the mobile platform such as smart phones and tablets. Apple iPhone marketing graphs have been rising in competition with the Android based phones. Life is not possible without a phone in today’s world and according to an analyst half a billion users access internet on their mobile phones.

Internet has become one of the basic needs for many people and hence they have started accessing it on their phones.Blogging on iPhone4 is very easy and fast.

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Android Market to Exceed Apple App Store in Coming Month

Android Market is growing rapidly, fear that it will overtake Apple's App Store in size by August 2011, according to research2guidance. The company feels that Android Market will accomplish 425,000 apps by next August. In April. Recent new apps added by Android is 28,000; whereas, iOS only added 11,000. Android Market's high
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Google accidentally leaked cloud Music App for Android

    According to BusinessInsider, Google has accidentally leaked the upcoming version of their cloud Music App for Android. From the report, Tech From 10 was able to get the app after discovering that Google accidentally pushed a developer version of the next Android Market to their phone. Sadly, now the site is down
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