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Apple Becomes #2 Online Retailer Behind Amazon

apple-online-retail-above-staplesAs per a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has succeeded in overshadowing its retail counterpart Staples taking a 2nd position in the space of online retail. This report is published by Internet Retailer, which stated Apple’s online sales data leaped significantly to 24% last year, although this rise is due to Internet Retailer including the sales of the company’s online hardware along with the revenue made by Apple from digital content download through iTunes and the App Store, so it does not portray an actual increase in sales metric.

This also means Apple could be standing in the 2nd position for sometime now, but essentially not recored by Internet Retailer because sales of the company’s hardware such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV, was kept out from the list.

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Declining Sales At Apple Retail Stores


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The much acclaimed sales volume of Apple’s retail kingdom have started to show a decrease as the company’s supply chain expands and the total number of distributors increase. This phenomena is being contemplated as the maturity of product lines currently sold by Apple. According to a new report, the retail outlets continue to render profits and attract mac shoppers everyday. The numbers for the Same store sales indicate a decline of 5% in March after a bounce of 3% in December, data collected by analyst Needham Charlie Wolf. Wolf shared the figures this morning for the investors.

The heart of the problem, as Wolf explains is due to a lack of major new product introductions which traditionally drive consumers into Apple stores. For instance, iPhone which is a highly sellable product for Apple is distributed and sold through multiple channels which evidently reduce Apple Store crowd.

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