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How Apps Revolutionized Marketing Strategies?

The Dark Knight Rise App

Before Apps were introduced there were many marketing strategies available for companies. Marketing strategies such as internet, websites, e-mail marketing, TV-Advertisements, Billboards etc.

As soon as companies get ready with their products, they will shift their entire focus on marketing strategies that are customer centric.

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Angry Birds Updated 15 New Levels for Mine and Dine

Rovio has just updated Angry Birds with addictive and amazing 15 new levels for the ‘Mini and Dine’ episode. The developer has fixed the problem with loading times when starting the Angry Birds app. Folks in this updated version of ‘Mine and Dine’, you need to search numbers of collectible jewels.

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Angry Birds Updated With 15 New Levels

Angry Birds Rio game developed by Rovio for iOS has been updated with 15 new levels. Angry bird’s updated version includes four eccentric episodes with 120 levels. Don’t be surprised if you find entirely different new achievements. You have to discover all the special hidden fruits in this updated version.

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Do You Know How Many Times Angry Birds has been Downloaded?

Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka announced that Angry Birds has been downloaded over 200 million times across all platforms. Angry Birds has been recognized as the top paid for game in Apple’s App Store in a record 67 territories worldwide.

According to Business Insider, Vesterbacka made the announcement at the paidContent Mobile conferenc

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Very Popular Angry Birds Rio now at App Store

Cheers for Angry Birds fan. Rovio Mobile has just released Angry Birds Rio. The app is a sequel of very popular iPhone game. The app was develop in collaboration with 20th century Fox. Angry Birds Rio includes the following features: Two fantastic episodes with 60 exciting levels! - Completely new achievements!
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