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iPad 2 crucial for tablet lead: Analyst

Today Apple announcement is widely expected to include an updated version of the Cupertino, company’s wildly-popular iPad tablet which will be “crucial” for the tech giant to maintain its lead against rival products. one analyst said According to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian told investors in a note, “We believe Apple
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Time Warner bringing ESPN Channels to iPad

According to today's press release, the news is mostly about the old list of channels from Disney/ABC and ESPN that Time Warner Cable subscribers will be able to watch but there were a couple of items that stood out. TW claims their subscribers will have “unprecedented digital access to online
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Apple saddles for more music

Apple users were excited about the news of Apple's acquisition of Lala.com last May. With the announcement of allowing users to store films, music, movies, apps and e-books from iTunes. Just like cloud technology can avoid congestion or roadblocks and even it can help to avoid loss of content in
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