How Apps Revolutionized Marketing Strategies?

Before Apps were introduced there were many marketing strategies available for companies. Marketing strategies such as internet, websites, e-mail marketing, TV-Advertisements, Billboards etc. As soon as companies get ready with their products, they will shift their entire focus on marketing strategies that are customer centric.

AT&T releases Turn-by-Turn App in the US App Store

AT&T releases Turn-by-Turn App for the US iPhone users.There are many new GPS apps being released in the App Store since 3.0 launch. The AT&T Navigator is free to download, but there’s subscription charges of $9.99 billed every month of usage. AT&T Navigator was developed in partnership will TeleNav and includes some of the following…

App Store Downloads Cross 25 Billion

Apple’s iTunes App store opened almost four years ago. In past four years, 25 Billion apps (almost 4 apps for every human on the planet) have been download from App store.