Flashback Trojan Made Its Makers $10,000 A Day

After a bitter experience that the Mac world faced due to the menace of Flashback Trojan virus, people must be wondering why virus-makers write malware. The answer is, simply for money.

Another Mac Flashback Variant Out Now

Kill Dracula many times. But he will rise from the dead again. Similarly, in the world of technology, At the moment, Flashback is becoming the Dracula.

One In Five Macs Has A Malware

A latest study is set to pose a challenge to the prevailing belief that Apple computers are immune to the sort of cyber attacks that plague Windows-based machines. A research firm Sophos has released a study claiming that one in five Macs have malware.

Kaspersky Says Infected Mac Numbers Drop To 30,000 But Mac Still Vulnerable

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab recently held a press conference in which they revealed that the number of machines infected by the Flashback Trojan had dropped to just 30,000. That was a number significantly lower than the estimated 600,000 Macs which were said to have been infected at its peak, as well as the 140,000 estimate…

140,000 Macs Still Infected With Flashback Malware

Apple may have released a number of Java patches and an uninstaller tool to remove Flashback Trojan virus from your Mac. However, it is being estimated that roughly 140,000 Macs worldwide are still affected by the Flashback Trojan.

Apple Releases Java Update To Remove FlashBack Trojan

After Kaspersky’s Flashfake’s arrival to remove Flashback Trojan from Mac, Apple has released Java for OS X 2012-003, an update to the Java implementation in OS X. This update removes “the most common variants of the Flashback malware.”