Cards And iBooks Apps Updated

One app (Cards), allows you to create beautiful greeting cards. This helps you connect and bond with people you love. Other app (iBooks) enables you to study easily and improve your academic performance. Education helps you to connect with the world, as a professional.

Apple May Revamp Online Store

A report from Apple Insider speculates that Apple may be overhauling its online storefront and may start with its website for education institutions.

Apple Updates iBooks 2

Last month, Apple had released iBooks, giving school students, easy access to textbooks on their iPad. Students all over United States must be thankful to Apple.

Apple Witnesses The 350,000 Textbooks Downloads In Three Days

Last week, Apple spelt ease for students, teachers and scholars by launching iBooks 2.0. The books available for download from iBooks 2.0 carry not just text but also photos, videos and much more. Tons of study material is accessible thanks to iBooks 2.0 and people are utilizing iBooks to the maximum.

iBooks 2.0 Available Now

After announcing at Education Media Event, Apple released iBooks 2.0. iBooks 2.0 is mainly focused on enabling textbook support. Apple has cut deals with a series of publishers to bring iBookstore-based textbooks to the United States.

Apple Planning To Bolster iPad Use In Schools

Bloomberg has added yet another confirmation about education event That Apple is going to host on Thursday, 19 January 2012. Thursday has arrived and now we can expect some big news within few hours.

Apple May Launch “Garageband For E-Books” On Thursday

Apple’s education-focused media event is scheduled for this Thursday, 19 January 2012. It seems that more details are leaking before the event. This past Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that McGraw-Hill has been working with Apple on this project since last June. Now, ArsTechnica is claiming that one of the key components of Thursday’s…