Debate Sparked By Apple’s Job Creation Data

Last week, Apple released employment data study that suggested that the iPhone-maker was directly and indirectly responsible for 514,000 jobs in the US. According to a report in New York Times, now economists are debating its accuracy of that study.

Apple Takes Credit For Creating 514,000 Jobs In USA

In a time when so many jobs were lost due to recession and outsourcing became the monster due to the loss of American jobs to India and China, Apple turns out to be a real patriot for helping Americans by creating or supporting jobs for them.

Employees Rate Apple In Ten Best Companies

Apple is in top 10. It is in the top 10 list of the best companies to work for, competing with tech giants like Facebook and Google, according to a new employee survey.

Steve Jobs Laid To Rest

People are born in this world, grow up, live their life and leave this world when they die. That is why, funeral procession is known the “the last journey” and the place where funeral takes place is known as the “final destination”. When great visionaries take this journey, it becomes news. On Friday, 7 October…

Celebrating The Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs passed away last week, leaving his wisdom and intellect that would help its creation Apple Inc to deliver more unique products and appliances. Apple Inc is confident of continuing its streak of achievement, proving the old saying of “empire does not crumble with the demise of the king” as true. The date for…

Jobs Planned Ventures for next Four Years

Apple Inc maybe going through troubled times due to the sad demise of Steve Jobs. However, being a man of vision, Steve Jobs had seen the future of Apple and had planned the production and release of forthcoming Apple products for next four years. Steve Jobs maybe gone but he has left behind, his insights,…

More Powerful Apple TV

Since Apple started transitioning its iOS devices lineup to dual-core A5 processors, people had anticipated a new Apple TV with more advanced features. The wait is over as very soon, Apple Inc brings you a new Apple TV. This is going to be a big upgrade from Apple TV’s 2,1 to 3,1. The new Apple…