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iPad 2 Coming to Japan on Thursday

Finally iPad 2 is coming to Japan. Hope this news will bring cheers to some folks in Japan. Japan has been hit by devastating Tsunami, disrupted many life's and effected business plan. According to CNNGo: "That veritable font of all knowledge, the “Nikkei Shimbun” newspaper, says the shiny lust-bauble will hit Japanese
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U.S Army Selects Android for Its Smartphone

U.S Army are preparing every soldiers on using smartphone. A highly strategy planned which the Army can benefit a lot and also saves life's. Their choice can be Android as its operating system. According to Wired, " U.S Army wants every soldier to carry a smartphone and it looks like its
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iPhone 4 in race for Top Camera on flickr

For the record, the most sought camera used to upload pictures to Flickr is the Nikon D90, a fine DSLR that comes at the price of over a thousand dollars. But now it seems Apple’s iPhone 4 will take the lead as the most popular camera on Flickr. According to
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